Cuisine in Costa Rica

For Starters

Nothing builds relational bridges like sharing food together. Here we invite you to connect with the cuisine of Hidden Treasures' homeland. Right now, we are compiling recipes of typical Costa Rican dishes which we will be sharing in this section soon. Hope you enjoy!

Costa Rican fare shares in much of the Latin cooking traditions with some dishes that are unique to Ticos. From fine dining restaurants to the family table, the ethos of eating in Costa Rica is keep it fresh and keep it simple. Surprisingly to some, Costa Ricans aren't typically drawn to spicy food. That being said, if you have a palate for flavorful foods you'll do fine here.

The opportunity for tropical fruits and vegetables as well as seafood from the Caribbean and Pacific set apart the Costa Rican gastronomy. Ceviche (citrus martinated fish and shrimp), lobster (langosto), sea bass (corvina), shrimp (camarones) are indigenous to Costa Ricas surrounding waters. While seafood is available at markets and restaurants it is less commonly on the plate of locals because of its expense relative to chicken (arroz), pork (cerdo) or beef (carne) dishes.

It is not uncommon for Costa Ricans to eat black beans and rice as part of most meals. Other Tico favorites include: rice with chicken (arroz con pollo), tamales cooked inside banana leaves, empanadas or turnovers, hearts of palm salad and plantains (plátanos).

What better to wash it all down with than the many options of freshly made fruit drinks? Try a zanoria y naranja (carrot and orange) juice or a guanabana con leche. When you're ready for desert you can't go wrong with a tres leches cake and a hot cup of café con Leche. Yum!

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