About Costa Rica

Marked with the natural wonders of its mountains, rainforests, beaches, volcanoes and legendary deep sea fishing, Costa Rica is one of Central America's most visited and welcoming countries. Famous for tropical fruit and coffee exports, it rises as Central America's "Silicon Valley" with a stable and promising economy.

The democratic republic is a bright spot in an increasingly strategic region. It is distinguished as having no military since 1949. Its political stability and stance for peace make it renowned as "the Switzerland of Central America." Yet its commitment to neutrality is challenged as it finds itself unintentionally positioned at the crossroads of dubious alliances and rival nations.

Inside Costa Rica, tranquil and friendly residents affirm its principally peaceful ethos. Its culture endorses environmental conservation, rights, welfare, and education; however, its families contend against the hampering realities of poverty, child prostitution, inflation and drug and alcohol abuse.

For such a time as this, Hidden Treasures is called to be a blessing to Costa Rica by extending the grace of family to the nation's most vulnerable, its children. As you read about Costa Rica, you'll notice that we tell of some unattractive details in the midst of a beautiful nation with much to offer. Costa Rica's greatest beauty, we discovered, lies in the eyes and smiles of little faces in dire situations poised for redemption. If you're making travel plans to visit Costa Rica or just have an interest to learn more, we invite you to read about the nation that Hidden Treasures proudly calls home.