February 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

A sweet, dear friend got up at church on Sunday and said, "It is good to remember that NO ONE is more loving, more compassionate, more merciful than Jesus!" That is so true! And no matter how much I can love someone...care for someone...give to someone...my love will never compare to His. I can never outdo or out love God. After all He IS love! So how could we know Him and not know love? And if we abide in Him, we should abide in love.

My Dad often says, "Love is the bridge across which truth travels." It is acts of kindness and loving the unlovable (even those that don't love us) that change everything. Here in Costa Rica, we have been challenged to love more and reach out more, but most importantly trust that God can and will do more than we can do because His love is greater! It is His love that truly changes every heart and life!

February is a big month, because the school break is over in Costa Rica and classes start up again. Many children will need uniforms, books and school supplies. Black school shoes and tennis shoes for PE are required. Many families can't afford new shoes and books. It can be a very stressful time for moms, dads, and kids. We have gotten many calls for help.

A dear girl that just turned 10 years old sent me a message asking if I had an old pair of black shoes she could use. She is so excited to go back to school after being out for so long because of the school shutdowns during Covid.

Please pray with us that these families' needs will be met. With your help, we are doing all we can to serve them. Also pray for the children at the San Jose children's home. There will be more extra expenses as they start the new school year.

We also would ask for your prayers for our oldest son, Nelson. He has been feeling very faint often, and Enrique spent the day in the emergency room with him recently. After many tests they are recommending he see a cardiologist. Nelson has been working very hard. He works long hours. Nelson's wife, Nancy, has also struggled with her health. It has put a financial burden on them.

Many of you know and love Nelson. He has the biggest heart and has helped us with delivering food boxes and meeting with families. Please keep him and his wife Nancy in your prayers. We want to do more to support them, especially during this difficult time. They have been so faithful to serve the Lord, the Hidden Treasures ministry, and families all across the Valle Central.

There are situations and hard circumstances all around us. But, when I think about just how great the Lord's loves is for us, I know He is able to do what I cannot. He loves the widows. He is a father to the fatherless. His heart is for the poor and He heals the sick. Just one encounter with His love changes everything, and that is my prayer! Just one touch of His love and are lives are changed forever.

Thank you so much for standing with us in your prayers and in your giving! Please remember us this month. We can't tell you just how much it means to us and to so many people here in Costa Rica.

You and your loved ones are in our thoughts and prayers. We would love to hear from you! Let us know how you're doing and how we can pray for you. Feel free to visit our website at hiddentreasuresoutreach.com or you can "like" our Hidden Treasures Costa Rica Facebook Page. Let's stay in touch!

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

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January 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

One of the Bible verses the Lord has given us for this year is Philippians 4:6-7: "Don't worry about ANYTHING; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for ALL he has done. Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus."

It is a very well known Bible verse, but the Lord has put it in our hearts in a fresh new way! And He has allowed us to share it with others...which seems to be very fitting in the times we are living in. So many people are worried, anxious, and need peace!

A few weeks ago, we went to visit a family that is very dear to us. We have walked with the mother of the family for over twenty-one years. You see, she is the biological mother of our five adopted children. And she has had three more children through the years, and they have been very much a part of our lives. They were very excited for us to come visit!

We brought gifts and a big box of groceries to help with their needs. They were all waiting outside their very tiny home when we arrived, smiling and waving. They all ran to give us big hugs as we pulled up in our car. They were so grateful for the gifts, and we all sat huddled together in their small living room, talking and sharing. We soon realized, after the excitement died down, that things had been very hard.

Isabel, the mother, begin to share. You could see the worry and doubt on her face. She shared about the problems they had been facing, including difficulties they were having with friends and neighbors. We listened closely as she shared. It might have all seemed a bit too overwhelming if we hadn't of had this verse from Philippians held so closely in our hearts. The verse says trade worry for prayer, tell the Lord what you need, and REMEMBER what He has done! And if I told you ALL he has done to bring our two families together...adopt five children...restore this mother's life...it would be hard for you to believe!

Being thankful and remembering what God has done is one of the steps we need to take in order to have peace from God. Enrique reminded them of the miracles the Lord had done. He shared stories the children had never heard. Isabel shared stories of her childhood, and how the faithfulness of the Lord had brought her through. We laughed and cried as we remembered. The children listened closely and were surprised to learn about many things.

Isabel's countenance changed completely the more she remembered. It was almost as if we felt the Lord came and sat right with us. A weight was lifted, and I saw a joy in Enrique's heart also, as he shared and remembered. We traded our worry for prayer and remembered what the Lord had done. And I can honestly say we all felt peace and joy; we left better than we came! Isabel said that was the best gift of all. We drove them to a friend's house up in the mountains and the joy and laughter continued until we said goodbye.

How wonderful it is: in our failures, struggles, and needs is where we meet Jesus! And when we draw close to Jesus, He changes what is broken. He makes us new...so much better than we were before! A need is an open door for God to move. In your prayers and in your giving, many of you have made it possible for us to give out food boxes to families in need. And because of their needs, it has opened the door for God to move in so many ways. We are so grateful to be able to be a part of their lives and bring hope, especially in this very difficult season. God is still doing miracles, and no matter what is going on around us, He can give us peace despite our circumstances. He is making things new again!

We are so grateful for your love and support! And we are grateful for all the Lord is doing. Thank you for those who have helped Esther in her baking business. She is so grateful, and it has been life-changing for her and her family. She continues working very hard.

We now have a small farm up at the big house in the mountains where other children from other children's homes can come and visit. There is an area where children can be with the animals and an area where they can learn to garden. What a wonderful therapy for them, since so many will be coming from very hard situations. This has always been a dream of mine, to be able to reach out to other children through animals and gardening! It is a great opportunity to meet new children and encourage caregivers too!

We continue to pray and seek the Lord for His timing for us to take a sabbatical. We don't have the answer now, and as we all know, Covid has changed many things in the world around us. But we are excited for renewed strength and encouragement and doors the Lord has opened. We would appreciate your prayers as we go forward. And especially, prayers for each one of our children, as some have faced some very challenging circumstances.

Thank you for standing with us! Please continue to remember us in your prayers and in your giving. Your love and support mean so much! We pray this will be a wonderful New Year full of peace and new beginnings as we draw closer to Him.

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

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