July 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Andy Andrews, one of my favorite authors, says: "There are generations yet unborn, whose very lives will be shifted and shaped by the moves you make and the actions you take."

When we first started taking in foster children, I felt in my heart that what we were doing was not just for that generation. Isn't it wonderful to think that what we give to others today will change generations to come?

It has been such a joy for us to get to see new children being born to our children that came into our home more than twenty-two years ago! One of our foster daughters, Flor, regularly sends me pictures of her four children. She still calls me "Ma" and her life changed drastically after coming into our home. Her story was a hard one and we walked with her through some very difficult times...she was twelve when she arrived and has overcome so much! She is now a wonderful mother to her beautiful children and her life has changed.

Now, two of our adopted daughters have children. Our grandchildren have brought us SO much joy! My Dad has been able to perform both our daughters' wedding ceremonies. Recently, Dad got to meet both his great-grandchildren too! All the children were very blessed by his visit here. He spent time in our home loving and encouraging each one of us. Dad is a great example of how to walk with others.

Our youngest foster baby will be two years old in October. She loves playing with our grandbabies, and to see them all together is just wonderful! We have walked through traumas and pain with each of our children. But that is what God calls each one of us to do...to walk with people...stay with them...trusting that He can bring them through it all...and He will! I can't tell you how much it has meant to us that you have stood with us. So many of you have prayed for us and given finances to support this ministry for years. Your love and faithfulness have changed lives and generations.

Because of your help, we have continued to give out food boxes, and this is also helping to change lives! There are so many needs, and the prices of groceries have gone up tremendously. Families are so grateful for the love and support they receive.

We have several children in the community we serve that need book bags. Many walk to school, and a book bag would sure lighten the load. We hope to purchase at least six book bags soon. We also need a couple of beds for loved ones we serve, and our youngest foster baby will be graduating into a "big girl bed" soon! So, we hope at least two or three beds can be purchased before long.

We also would ask for continued prayers for little Daniela, who remains in the hospital. She has good days and bad days, and it has been a long road. We pray for healing and strength in her body and strength for all those who have loved and cared for her. We love her and she holds a big place in our hearts. Your kind messages - and knowing you are praying - have been such an encouragement to us all.

Having a big family means there is always someone in need of extra love and support. Our family is made up of all kinds...each one has a different story...but God sees and knows each need. We put our trust in Him! He IS faithful to ALL generations!!

Thank you for your prayers, and love, and support. We could not do what is needed here without you. Please remember us this month, and we are praying for you as well. We are so grateful!!

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

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