May 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

A dear young friend of mine recently wrote, "God is either everything or nothing, He can't just be 'something'." If our definition of who He is doesn't change EVERYTHING about us, then we have the wrong definition of Him. I remember having this feeling on a mission trip in Guatemala more than 25 years ago when I first gave my life to the Lord! I was willing to give it all up and lay everything down for Him. It hit me just how big and wonderful God is! I remember saying out loud "I will go wherever you want!" I think when we say those things He remembers and He might just take us up on it!

Jim Newsom said, "At the end of yourself is the beginning of God." When we finally lay it all down, that is when God shows up and we will find our purpose in Him. Jesus told His disciples, "If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me." Denying ourselves is the hard part right? It means we are probably not going to be able to stay in our comfort zone.

Many years ago when we started receiving foster children into our home, we had no idea what it would be like; no idea of the emotional and physical challenges each child would bring. We had no idea just how hard and tiring it would be; no idea of the cost and what we would have to invest financially in each one. Now that I do know a little about the difficulties, it can cause me to be more cautious.

Eighteen years ago when Enrique and I got married, we already had nine children and a few months after marriage we had fourteen! Sounds crazy right? I was crazy enough to just believe that whatever came our way, God would meet our needs and heal each child. You know what? He did! Although it hasn't been easy, God has been faithful. When fear and doubt creep in, I just have to remember to deny myself and take up my cross every day and trust in Him. God has been reminding me in my weakness and tiredness that He gives me strength. I am not waiting to fill up my cup; it is already full! I just have to call on Him and He will be my strength.

A few weeks ago, a mother we have been helping for years called and told me they had lost their home and they hadn't eaten a good meal in several days. I went and got them all and took them to get lunch. I realized as we were all sitting at lunch that these kids had nowhere to stay for the night. I had people visiting from the United States and our home was completely full. I was a little tired and overwhelmed, but God said "So what are going to do?" I knew the answer: they would have to come home with me.

Space really wasn't the issue; but my being uncomfortable was. I had planned out all my expenses for the week, but now, three more kids; could I handle that? I already had a house full and two of my kids had been sick all week. There were unexpected doctor visits and one of my daughters had her wisdom teeth coming in. . .so many doubts and questions raced through my mind! I heard again, "the end of yourself is the beginning of God." My wonderful friend Donna Hyatt said, "It really doesn't matter what we are seeing; it ONLY matters what He is saying!"

My Grandfather Dix, who was a doctor, once told me he never liked to tell his patients what might be wrong with them before the results came in. "You are probably going to be just fine," he would say with a loving smile. "Go home and rest and don't worry!" He told me, "Sitting around worrying can make a person sick. Sometimes it is just better not to know everything that COULD go wrong."

Often, we want to have everything figured out and if we don't know something, Google and Siri are sure to help! We want to know all about “it” before we get started. Although planning is a good thing, God calls us to have faith and take risks. If we are hunkering down, hiding out, closing ourselves off from hurt and pain, we are probably not trusting in Him.

Putting ourselves "out there" means we might just get hurt, but again, we are called to deny ourselves. Getting hurt isn't the issue; doing what the Lord has said is!

We would ask you to be praying with us. As I said, these last few months have been filled with unexpected surprises and new challenges. We have many decisions to make. We will be helping the three children I mentioned much more now, and they will be staying with us for longer periods of time. They will continue to see their mother too. We also will be helping with a place for her. She has many medical needs and deals with anxiety and depression. She has been unable to work and care for her children like she wants. It is a long story but we are committed to walk with them through this difficult time. They need basic things and also medical and dental care. We have three children that need glasses and braces too and although medical care is cheaper here, things can add up.

Also, we are still raising money to paint and fix our roof and the outside of our house. It is very expensive and although we have raised some money toward these projects, we still come up short. We have been able to fix leaks in our roof on the inside and leaks on our front and back porch. We have been able to do some painting also but we still have much more to do. Because we live near a rain forest, humidity still continues to be an issue. Thank you to all who have given towards these things. It has been such a blessing!

School supplies and books are needed as well for all of the children. Our hope and trust is in the Lord. Just as He has in the past, we know He will supply all our needs. Thank you so much for your love and support. It means so much!

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia