April 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I am amazed at how God uses one door to open another door, and He usually does that when we open our hearts and lives to people. When God calls you do to something, I believe He sends just the right people, sometimes when we least expect it, but definitely when we need it. He puts all the pieces together for a bigger purpose!

I would like to introduce to you Silvia Pena. I met her almost two years ago, when one of our foster babies was having trouble learning to walk. He had been born very small and everything took a little longer to learn. We were sent to her home each week so that he could receive therapy; but, in the end, not only did she help him, but she helped us too! I never would have imagined what she would come to mean to our family. She has become a mentor, a counselor, and a dear friend! She has opened her home to us more times than I can count. She has become part of the Hidden Treasures team.

When you take care of children and young adults who have been through trauma and difficulties, you need a support team, you need a listening ear…someone who can speak into your life and the challenges you face. Sometimes you just need a shoulder to cry on. Silvia has more college degrees than most people I know, but most of the time she shares with me about what she has learned from being a mother rather than what she has learned from a book. She loves us like family and encourages us in the Lord.

I tell you all this because Silvia has been a great help to us in starting a new project and opening up the Hidden Treasures home to new children. Silvia has been in some very strategic meetings (and she knows some very important people, which is a wonderful thing). The government has approved the project, for which we are so grateful! This is not an easy process, but Silvia has been a great help. We are now in the planning stages and we are very excited about the doors that are being open to help more children. Some of these children will be very young mothers and their newborns. The government needs a place for them. As you can imagine we will need a team of people giving them all the love and care that they will need. We would appreciate your prayers as we go forward.

We recently met with Silvia, our daughter Dani, and Dani's husband, Jonathan. Both Jonathan and Dani will be taking some intense courses over the next few months to get ready for the new children that come. We will also have other couples helping out. We are grateful for the team of people God is putting together! One thing we have learned over the years is that we cannot do this alone. We need people walking closely beside us and I am so grateful that God has brought us all together.

I also would like to share with you that at the beginning of April, our daughter Ruth will be going to Guatemala. We are so excited that she gets to go and serve with our dear friend Mary Purvis. Mary has a wonderful ministry that serves and helps the poor. Ruth will be serving in the feeding center for the children there and helping with the music program for the youth. Ruth has a wonderful voice and is very talented in music.

Ruth came to us when she was just a baby. Later, she was taken away from us and then put in an orphanage. Thank God, after a major battle, we were finally able to officially adopt her by age three. We know God has a plan and a purpose for her life. Ruth has a big heart and loves serving and helping others. Many of you have loved and supported her through the years and we are so grateful. We would ask for your prayers as she prepares for the trip. She will be staying for three months and then we will see what doors may open there and if she will be staying on after that.

I am so grateful for God's faithfulness. The road has not been easy but His love never fails! He heals, restores, and reveals His purpose. My life was changed in Guatemala, and Mary Purvis was on my very first trip. She was and is an inspiration to me! And now, after many years, my own daughter gets to go and be with Mary too! Isn't God just wonderful? He brings everything together in His perfect timing.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers! Many of you have stood with us from the very beginning and it is exciting to see what the Lord is doing. He is bringing new children in and sending our older children out to minister. He really does use one door to open another. Our sweet little foster baby is now with a very loving family. We opened our home and hearts to him and in return, many more doors have been open to us; he will remain in our hearts forever!

Please continue to keep Hidden Treasures in your giving this month and in your prayers. As you can see, we face many opportunities and needs. Our hope is in the Lord; we thank Him for friends like you.

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia