January 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! We are really excited about 2019! God is doing new and wonderful things. Last year was often hard and challenging. It was a time for growing, learning, and preparing for new things to come. We are so thankful for this new season and all the Lord is doing.

Many of you know we have been doing a lot of much-needed work on the "Carolyn House". The new roof was just finished and it looks beautiful! Getting the new roof has helped greatly with the humidity in the house and the best part of all is we have no more leaks! We can't thank you enough for your support. We are so very grateful! The next project is to get the new gutters and finish painting and fixing walls.

We want to get as much as we can fixed and finished so we can receive more children in our home. Many new doors have opened and we have been meeting and talking with some very important people.

Even after nineteen years of caring for so many children, there are still challenges to be faced and new things to learn. Every child is different. I have had lots of support, love, and a wonderful husband by my side every step of the way. But, imagine, a young single girl, all alone, just a baby herself, becoming a mother. This is what is happening in Costa Rica and in many places around the world. It is a very big problem.

Recently, we were in a meeting with a lady that has worked in the government and children's agencies for years. She began to tell us of the great need to help these young mothers. Very young girls, not even in their teens, are having babies. Right now in several of the government run orphanages, there are five girls, ages twelve and under, who have recently had babies and several more who are pregnant.

They are orphans and need a mother themselves. They have no idea how to care for their babies. The government does not want to separate these young mothers from their babies; instead they want them to learn how to be good mothers and also have a chance to get an education and have a home. They have asked us if we would be willing to help them. The government does not have a place to put them and they need special attention. This is something new. We wouldn't be getting one child but two...mother and baby.

We would also continue receiving newborn babies as we have been doing. Many of our adopted and foster children are grown and are studying and working hard. So we want to be able to receive new children and help these young mothers. As we get our house ready, we are in the planning stages and talking with people who will be volunteering and others who will be working full-time helping with the children. Daniela, our oldest daughter, and her new husband, Jonathan, are very interested in working with the children full-time in the future. They have been in meetings and are working with us very closely.

After several years of taking in foster babies, we have realized how important it is to have help and support. These children come needing so much love and care. Many times, they are born premature and underweight. This means they need extra care and attention. Please be in prayer. This month we have some very important meetings and we will be making some big decisions as we move forward. Pray we can finish all repairs on the house and raise salaries and support to have the help we need.

We are so grateful to have several new couples who have joined our team. We have been amazed at how the Lord is putting it all together. Change is not easy; last year was a time of change and healing and making a way for something new. I can’t tell you how much your prayers and financial support have meant to us. Please continue to remember us this month and throughout 2019.

God heals! God restores! It is so important to put our trust in Him. We are so grateful for God's mercy and grace. His faithfulness is never-ending and His love is great. Thank you for standing with us and we pray God will bless you in this new year! "Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in ALL your ways submit to Him and He will make your paths straight" (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia