January 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Recently as I was going through several boxes of old cards and letters, I found cards and letters that my Grandpa Simpson had written to me years ago. After I moved away from home, he would write me at least once a month and sometimes more. He would always include an encouraging word at the bottom of each letter. Wishing I had time to go through and read each one, I quickly opened up a few cards, and one of his notes caught my eye. He wrote in black bold letters, "God keeps His Word!"

Grandpa had been a faith missionary in the bayous of Louisiana for years and Grandpa knew first hand of the faithfulness of God. It had not been easy, by any means, but God did indeed keep His word! Looking at Grandpa's handwritten note, I felt God say to me, "Just as I was faithful to them, I will be faithful to you and your children." He was reminding me that no matter how difficult our circumstances are, He is faithful. God brings about things in His own perfect timing and He is at work, even when we cannot see.

Last month, to my surprise, I received a letter from one of our former foster children. She had lived with us for several years. Her name is Flor. Enrique and I were young and engaged to be married when I got the call asking if I would be able to receive a fourteen-year-old girl. "Fourteen years old," I thought, "I am not even old enough to be her mother!" But I knew in my heart the answer was "yes".

Flor came from extreme poverty and had watched her mother pass away because of complications with a pregnancy. Flor had done everything she could to save her mother's life. She came to us broken and angry. The two years she lived with us were not easy. We did everything we knew to do to make her feel loved. There were many late nights talking and praying with her. Flor was a beautiful girl and she caught the eye of every guy around. We worried what her life would become.

After several years with us, she was moved into a government-run orphanage, something none of us wanted. After a short time there, she ran away, and we lost contact with her for a time. All the time and love you pour into someone and you wonder, was it even worth it? Will their lives ever change? It has been over twenty years since Flor came to us and she never left our hearts and prayers. She still calls me, "Ma", and Enrique, "Pa". Even though her life has taken many twists and turns, and four children later, she never forgot all the love she received. We didn't do it; God did!

In her recent letter she asked for forgiveness for any trouble she caused us and explained to us all the hurt and pain she had felt through the years. She said she has received counseling and is seeking the Lord. She never has forgotten Him! It was a long beautiful letter that brought tears to our eyes. God does keep His word; He is faithful!

Sometimes we may think it is all up to us, but what about when we do our best and people still turn away? What about when we love someone and they don't love us back? They may even treat us badly, but we must ask ourselves, do we love people so they will change or do we love people because God told us to do so? We may never see all that the Lord does in someone's life, but we must always be obedient to His calling. Even in all our mistakes He is faithful and it is HIS love that will prevail!

I am sure I appreciated Grandpa's letters before, but wow, do they mean more than ever now! When we are young, we don't know all life will bring; it isn't easy. But Grandpa knew. What a wonderful thing to be reminded that God keeps His word!

We hope this will be a great New Year for each and every one of you! God is doing new things and we would appreciate your prayers for all that is ahead. Thank you so much for all your love and support at Christmas time. The children were blessed because of you!

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia