July 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It may not seem like a big deal to most of us to run out and buy a mask or even a box of them, but for many it is. To get on a bus, which many people have to use here, you must wear a protective facemask. So it broke my heart when a dear friend told me this morning that she couldn't take her daughter to the doctor's office because she only had one mask. She had to use the money she saved up for the bus, to pay for a mask.

I see so many people talking about masks; many people have even gotten in fights and lost friends over this hot topic. Can you imagine? But so many people in this world would just love to be able to have that choice...the option to buy a mask or not. I know my sweet friend just wanted to get her daughter to the doctor's office and be able to follow the rules that had been put in place.

We prayed together this morning and God made a way! She got the mask and had enough money to get to the clinic. With money that is given for the food boxes, we will be able to make sure she gets not only food, but the mask she needs, because here it is mandatory to wear them. And whether we agree or not, they must be worn in many places. There is so much in this life that we can fuss and fight about, but there really is so much to be grateful for!

I got several heartbreaking calls yesterday and today from people who are struggling. Please be praying for the dear families we are standing with. One lady yesterday said to me, "Just hearing your voice saying, 'God is with you,' made my heart stop racing." Wow! I am so humbled by God's love! I love these dear ladies and I know God is working in their lives and mine too! He is teaching us so much about His love and grace.

In Romans 2:4, it says, "God's kindness leads us to repentance." It says that God is wonderfully kind and patient with us. I believe, especially now, God is calling us to love people like HE loves people. And only with the Holy Spirit's help, will we be able to love like Him. God is using all these difficult circumstances and challenges to do a deeper work in our hearts.

Some other people that have been near and dear to our hearts are the people working in the grocery store right near our home. Over the last few years, we feel like we have gotten to know many people who work there. They know us by name and are very helpful, always smiling and eager to help us get the groceries out to the car. They don’t make much and some just mainly work for tips, but they have been there day after day, even as the coronavirus has become much worse in our area.

Enrique has been doing much more of the grocery shopping during quarantine and has made it a priority to see how they are really doing. They seem surprised when asked, as so many people rush in and rush out in a panic, not really noticing they are there. Several have opened up to Enrique telling him how they live in fear every day, worrying that they might be the ones that bring the virus home to their loved ones.

One young lady cares for her elderly grandparents and says she lives panicked and afraid. They are SO grateful for a smile and a kind word and are even open to prayers. We want to be a blessing to them and are asking the Lord how we can help. If God's kindness leads us to repentance and brings us closer to Him, then I believe when we show kindness to others it opens the door for people to know Jesus. When we live in fear and panic, it is so easy to overlook what is really important. People definitely matter, but what matters the most is Jesus and that people will come to know Him.

We want to thank you so much for standing with us and the people here. It means so much! We appreciate your love and prayers for our family and the children. We know many of you are facing difficult situations, too, and you are in our hearts and prayers. God is teaching us so much during this time, to love and trust Him more. We know this work could not be done without your love and support. Families have been so blessed by the food boxes! I wish you could see their faces and tears of joy! God is opening up doors and new ways that we can show His love.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers and in your giving. All U.S. gifts to support the ministry of Hidden Treasures are tax-deductible, and play a key role in assisting us to bless the people here in Costa Rica.

Oh Lord, help me see what is really important! Let me always give love and grace to others as you have given to me! We pray the Lord will bless and protect you and your families.

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia