September 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Something I heard my dad say recently is, "Negative thinking brings negative results." But sometimes it is hard not to let negative thinking creep in when we are going through a tough situation. When you work with people who are facing very difficult situations in life, as we do, it can be hard to not see only the negative or the bad.

There is a lady that calls me at least once a week to tell me her problems (and she does have some doozies). She is a lady we have walked with and supported for years. When she can't get in touch with me, her daughter will call me and say, "Can you please call my mother? She says you are the only one that can make her feel better." It makes me happy that I can help, but the reason we can encourage each other is because our focus isn't on the problem, but the possibility for something GOOD to come out of the problem. We have to be able to see something good on the other side.

In every problem, God is there to show us something better. This is something I have to remember when working with children who have been through things we cannot even imagine. We can't have our focus on the terrible past or abuse they have faced, although that must be addressed. Our focus must be on how God is going to use those things for good and His glory!

Isaiah 55:8-9 says, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts."

Recently when I was facing a very difficult situation with one of our children, I was frustrated and grumbling to the Lord. “I don’t understand. I don’t know what to do.” We have had more than eighteen children who we have raised for a time in our home. Every single child is different, every child goes through some kind of struggle and has problems (as we all do). As I continued crying out to the Lord and grumbling, I felt Him say, "You can't see what I see. You don't know what I am doing." How many times in all these years have I been blind and couldn’t see. Our mind gets focused on the problem and we don’t understand the growth and the beauty that can be experienced in the midst of it all.

Sometimes we may want a quick fix for our problems or our children's problems, but many times, there are things we just have to walk through with them. It may be a slow go, but if you keep on going you will get there.

I would ask for your prayers for the families that we walk with and support. Hidden Treasures not only serves as a children's ministry, but God has opened the doors through the years to serve and minister to families, schools, and our whole community. Many families here have children that are in need of much love and support. By working with the children, we are able to serve the parents also, whether it be through home visits or long phone calls or helping to buy groceries each month so they can feed their families. We love these families, and not only have we been able to encourage them, but they have been a great encouragement to us.

We would also ask for your prayers for one of our daughters, who has had health issues through the years. She is dealing with long term physical pain. This can lead to anxiety and that is something that she has struggled with. This last week, we had to have many tests run on her. The doctor was concerned and wanted everything checked out. It was a very hard couple of weeks especially, when dealing with anxiety. She leans on me for comfort and support and Enrique is the one who is with her for every test and doctor visit, in waiting rooms for long periods of time. We are grateful to have found loving, good doctors who want to help. Her tests were not cheap, but something we needed to do. She will need to have more tests run soon. Please pray for physical and emotional healing and for peace for us as we walk with her through this. We are trusting that God will provide for all our financial needs; we need to have more tests done.

Jose, the sweet little boy for whom Daniela and Jonathan have been caring, will finally be getting to go to his forever home this next week. The first family that was going to adopt him changed their minds suddenly. It was a surprise to everyone, but an incredible family who has been on a waiting list to adopt are now thrilled that they get to be his parents. The man who will be Jose's father is a firefighter. He and his wife live in a small town near the volcano Arenal a few hours away. Jose was recently asked, "Who's going to have a firefighter daddy?" And Jose raised his hands in delight and shouted "Me!" Although he doesn't understand everything, he is very excited for his new family, and we are thrilled that they will become a family soon. Jose was born premature and has an incredible story. God knew that what seemed bad would work out for good, and this sweet little boy would find his family!

Keeping what is true and good before us reminds us where our focus needs to be. I am keeping God's promises before me! I am believing and speaking that in every hard situation we may go through, good is on the other side!

Thank you so much for your love and support! Please remember us in your giving this month. I can't tell you how much it means to know you are there praying and standing with us!

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia