October 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Our littlest foster child celebrated his first birthday in August. We can't believe how much he has grown! You see, he came to us so very tiny, weighing just a little over four pounds. He was so small that the first few times we gave him a bath, I was scared to death, holding his tiny little fragile body with such care. Because he had such a rough time while he was in his mother's tummy, we had to give him lots of extra care, and with so many brothers and sisters here, he has never lacked for love and attention.

As he got older, I noticed he wasn't interested in learning to crawl. There were things that were taking him a little bit longer to do than most babies. A lady that was doing therapy with him told me, "He may have to struggle to learn to crawl but that is going to make him strong." I thought to myself, isn't that the way life is? The times I have learned the most have been in the struggle! The hard times in life stretch us and make us grow!

Recently, I heard a pastor ask the question, "What if your struggle is a signal that God is up to something in your life?" I believe many times what we think is the devil might just be God allowing us to struggle, so that we can grow and be ready for what He has next! And you know what? There will always be struggles because He is preparing us for more in life. We shouldn't ever get too comfortable; if we are too comfortable we can't grow!

These last few months have not been easy here in Costa Rica for our ministry. In fact, they have been a bit of a struggle. It is during these times that my husband, Enrique, says, "We need to ask the Lord what He is saying to us." We may think God should change the situation but He may want to change us.

This week we have been studying Psalm 139:23-24 with all the kids: "Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting." One of the things I love about Enrique is that when a problem comes, and they do, he always asks, "What is God trying to say to ME?" It is so much easier to just look at the problem and what is going on around you, but what about what is going on inside of you?

In the Psalm, David says, "Search ME. Know MY heart. Lead ME." There were plenty of bad things happening around David. There are people that David could have blamed, but instead he says, "Search ME and see if there is anything wrong in ME." Wow!

There are many things my adopted and foster children cannot change. They can't change their biological family and make them love them or care for them and they can't change their past, but they can change who they are and who they will become, and stop generations of abuse and neglect. That is what happens with Jesus! He truly changes hearts, and because our hearts are changed, we become like Him! There are things in my circumstances I will never be able to change on my own, but God can, and if He does, that's wonderful. But if He doesn't, it is probably because He wanted to change me!

Please be in prayer for three children that we care for that are in much need of help. They do not live in our home yet, but we have walked with them since they were babies. Many situations have come up over the last few months and we need wisdom going forward. We do not have all the resources right now to cover all their needs. These are young children and they need so much love and support. Eventually, they will probably come and live in our home. Also, there is a lady in our community that is very dear to us. She has many medical needs and has not been in good health. Please pray for wisdom and the financial resources going forward. Every one of these precious people are very important to us!

Please also continue to lift up our little Dylan. He has biological family interested in raising him and his four-year-old brother. Pray for these two brothers! Dylan's brother was finally able to meet little Dylan this last week. It was such a sweet meeting! He said, "Brother, do you want to play with me? Brother, do you want to be my friend?" I have to say it was hard to hold back the tears seeing them together. Dylan's brother remembers watching his mother's tummy grow and then never getting the chance to see him. I know God has a purpose and plan in it all! It breaks our hearts to think little Dylan may go, but we know God is in control. We have to trust in Him through it all. There will be things we will never know on this earth, but we will see clearly when we get to Heaven.

These next few weeks, we will have many visits and meetings with the "new" family. Please pray for us and my sweet children, as well as Enrique's mother and sister who have helped so much in caring for Dylan. We are all beginning to prepare our hearts for Dylan's leaving.

Thank you so very much for standing with us, for praying with us, and for your friendship! In these difficult times, it means even more to know you are there and it encourages our hearts to continue on with what the Lord has next. He is preparing us for more! I've heard it said, "When I feel stretched it is a set up for strength!"

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia