History of Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures was launched in 1999 as Charlyn, Enrique and Ana had been brought together and worked in a San José area precaurio, feeding as many as 100 children each week. Enrique and Charlyn began to see the great need the children at the precaurio had for real family. Men and fathers were nowhere to be found and many children were left alone...they desperately wanted a family. The name Hidden Treasures was chosen out of the belief that every person is treasure waiting to be found.

After fulfilling all government requirements, Charlyn's small condominium was approved as a foster home. Charlyn, Ana and Enrique welcomed the first five children in the home in March of 2000 and soon five children turned into nine. Some children needed medical attention because of abuse and neglect but each child was special to Hidden Treasures and needed the love and care of a family. The children looked to Enrique as their father and all called him Papi. Enrique and Charlyn were married in May of 2000 with six of the children in the wedding.

Over the next two and half years the Mejia's had fourteen children in their small three bedroom condo. Some children were home schooled because they were educationally behind. Others were put in a school nearby. Each child was loved as family and knew they had found a home.

As part of its process, the government came in a moved some of the children into government run orphanages. This was devastating and very hard on the family. Concerned that more of their children would be required to go into orphanages, the Mejias decided to adopt the first five siblings that had come into their home. Sadly, with the adoption process was underway; the government moved the children into an orphanage about an hour away. The adoption process was a long and difficult fight to win the kids back with Enrique and Charlyn not permitted to see the children for a year.

During this time, the Mejias were expecting their first baby and still had four foster children at home. Enrique began working with boys on the streets of a bad neighborhood outside of San José. This lead to the formation of several soccer teams Enrique coached. As the boys began to relate to Enrique as a mentor and father figure the door opened for the Mejias to begin bible studies for the families of the boys on the team.

Finally, the adoption was finalized and it was a joyous reunion. The Mejias began looking for land to build a bigger home and have more room for the children. They wanted a place in the country where the kids could run and play. They also wanted to have enough land to build additional homes so more children could have a family. It took several years to raise the needed funds and find just the right land. Many groups from the states came to help build the first home, "The Carolyn House," which was completed in February 2012. The home was named after one of Hidden Treasure's greatest supporters, Charlyn's late mother, who had loved the children of Hidden Treasures.

Today, Enrique and Charlyn now are serving as house parents for the first children's home on the property and ground has been broken for the construction of the second home. With its new facilities, Hidden Treasures is now undergoing the government approval process to take in more children.

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