No other game dominates Costa Rican culture like soccer (fútbol), yet many young boys on the streets do not have the means to be part of an organized team. Realizing the opportunity for outreach, and with a love for the game himself, Enrique began to study soccer coaching.

When Enrique started reaching out in some rough neighborhoods where he grew up, there was no lack of boys who wanted to join the team he was forming - "The Warriors." In fact, there was so much interest they had to make two teams. Each boy was provided a uniform including soccer cleats. For some, the cleats were the only shoes they had. For one handicapped boy it was the only chance he'd been given, and he thrived. Being part of the team was not just a diversion from the boys hard circumstances, it was an opportunity to learn life changing principles. Many came to see Enrique as a father.

Today, on Hidden Treasures new property, there is enough land to build a fantastic soccer field. The goal is to once again reach out through soccer, put together new teams of "Warriors" and be a part of transformed lives.