I have to say there are not too many boys as thoughtful and sweet as Alex. Alex came into our home when he was just three years old. He was shy and scared of most things at first. He quickly took to me and we were glued at the hip. Having lots of other little ones at that time it was hard to hold him and give him all the attention he wanted so I rocked and sang to him at night. That was our special time together.


Alex has always been very sensitive and loving and soon became more confident being with the family. He had been mistreated and alone for most of his young life. He was almost legally blind when he came to us and he has since been able to get surgery and uses glasses.

Alex has grown into a fine young man. He is fifteen and still calls me "Ma". He has a very close relationship with our children and stays with us often. We are so grateful to the Lord for his faithfulness and protection over his life. Alexander has given his life to Lord and is very excited to talk with young people and share his testimony. He is very concerned for others and helping those in need.

Alexander has made the decision to be Baptized. We are so proud that despite all the challenges Alex has faced, he has been able to make good choices. Alexander is a very important part of our family!